vCISO (virtual CISO)

Organisations today host a wide range of information that due to its external value to threat actors, needs to be properly protected. The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is to establish and maintain the organisational strategy and execution to protect its sensitive and valuable information assets and surrounding technologies.

Today many organisations, while having data that needs protecting, choose to utilize a virtual CISO (vCISO) to address the needs and responsibilities of the CISO role rather than hire one.

At Cynode we can offer you tailored interim and long-term solutions. Cynode vCISO is a senior Cyber practitioner who uses its culmination of their years of Cyber, IT and security industry experience to help organisations with developing and managing the implementation of the organisations cyber and information security program.

vCISO Use Cases:

  • Bridging and Hiring a New Full-Time CISO – The departure of an organisations existing CISO may be untimely with regards to current security initiatives. Our experienced vCISO can come in, provide value in reviewing the current cyber security strategy and help recruit, select, and transition until a full-time CISO is onboard.
  • Developing a Mature Cybersecurity program for a Smaller Organization – When a full-time CISO is too costly for an SMB, a Cynode vCISO can be assigned part time to provide enterprise-caliber expertise to manage and implement a security program
  • Re-aligning Cyber Security Spend – Whatever your organisation was doing 6-12 months ago to protect against cyber risk is likely not as effective today.  A Cynode vCISO can help organisations of every size by taking a look at the current budget, how it’s spent, and help identify ways to more effectively and efficiently spend it to create a stronger Cyber Security posture.

Cynode vCISOs can provide value to your organisation by helping with several aspects of the overall Cyber and Information Security program, including:

  • Cyber and Information security planning and management activities
  • Organizational and management structure
  • Initiatives affecting information practices
  • Security risk management activities
  • Evaluation of third parties with access to organizational data
  • Coordination of audits by regulators or customers

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