Mergers and Acquisitions Cyber Due Diligence


The M&A assessment service provides a one time 2 week assessment that aims to uncover security gaps in target companies and utilises a combination of industry standard technologies to provide a comprehensive and efficient view of a companies cyber security posture.  M&A decisions are often made based on financial data or for strategic business purposes, there is often not enough time to evaluate a target organisations cyber security posture in any detail.


This services provides an in depth snapshot of the current security state of play.  
The financial, legal costs of data breaches and the damage to company reputation can be substantial.  Cyber security in M&A is crucial for managing potential data breach risks, the high-stakes exchange of sensitive data, including customer and employee details, intellectual property, and confidential corporate information are focused on rather than how well NGFWs or EDR policies are configured.

  • provides a view of an acquisition target companies financial and cyber security posture

  • get a detailed view of the IT infrastructure, for compliance adherence and future systems integrations

  • is a critical element in complex M&A deals, providing a layer of security that helps manage the inherent risks of such transactions. It ensures that both parties can proceed with confidence

  • provide crucial insights into potential cyber security vulnerabilities and compliance issues, enabling acquirers to make informed decisions and negotiate better terms before finalising a merger or acquisition.

  • gives a comprehensive overview of the target company's existing cyber security measures, identifying strengths and weaknesses that can affect the valuation and negotiation strategies, ensuring that the acquiring company is fully informed about what they are investing in.

  • By identifying vulnerabilities and gaps in the target company's cyber security defences, the assessment allows for preemptive measures to be taken, reducing the likelihood of costly data breaches that could disrupt business continuity and erode trust post-acquisition.

  • This assessment ensures that both the acquirer and the target are aware of all compliance requirements related to data security, helping to avoid legal and financial penalties that could arise from non-compliance, which is crucial in maintaining operational integrity and protecting reputations.

  • By understanding the IT architectures of both entities, the assessment aids in developing a strategic approach to securely integrate systems and data, minimizing technical vulnerabilities and ensuring a smoother, safer integration process.

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