Who We Are 

We are a dedicated technology provider operating in the Nordics and the UK, offering robust cyber security services to swiftly enhance our clients' security posture and develop long-term cyber risk mitigation capabilities through cost-effective subscription models.

Cyber Risk Factors We Tackle

Cynode's founders, Sebastian Rosendahl, Armagan Zaloglu, Pablo Ridgeway, and Cumhur Hatipoglu, merged their ideas to transform Cynode into a provider of cyber security services addressing four key risk factors organisations face:

  • Lack of security posture visibility: The seemingly straightforward question, "are we secure", is challenging for many organisations to answer. Cyber security practitioners often operate in the dark and need empowerment.
  • Inefficient use of the technology investments: The under utilisation of technology investments is a common issue across various industries. Companies invest in solutions like EDR, SIEM, WAF, NIPS, and others, but these defensive capabilities are often not used to their full potential.
  • Talent scarcity and unaffordable services: Numerous independent reports suggest a shortage of up to 4 million employees in the cyber security field. Organisations struggle to hire or gain access to experienced domain experts because they are either non-existent or too expensive to employ.
  • Difficulty of detecting and responding to advanced attacks: Many organisations either lack detection and response capabilities, or struggle to mobilise these functions quickly and effectively.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be and remain a highly specialised cyber security services company that solves customer problems effectively and builds new capabilities continuously as part of the company culture to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.

  Executive Team

Armagan Zaloglu, CEO and Board Member 

Armagan's journey in cyber security spans over 20 years, including contributions to industry giants McAfee and BlueCoat, as well as to Picus Security since its early startup days.  Armagan excels in building partnerships, fostering growth, and promoting innovation. His commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach have been consistent throughout his professional journey. A keen enthusiast of cybersecurity technology, Armagan enjoys reading, writing, and researching within the field.

Sebastian Rosendahl,  Managing Director Sweden, COO, Board Member

Sebastian is the COO of Cynode and brings many years of experience in advising Board Members and Senior Executives on the risk that they face within Cyber Security. He has also worked with Heads of Security and CISO´s to implement the most appropriate strategies for an organisation. Sebastian has a proven track record in leading Cyber teams and previous roles includes Director Cyber Advisory, Management Consultant, Head of Cyber Security and Business Area Manager.


Pablo Ridgeway, CMO

Pablo, a seasoned cyber security professional with over two decades of experience, is now the Chief Marketing Officer at Cynode, enhancing brand awareness and market share. He has held roles like Senior Technical Consultant and Senior Sales Engineer, working in ISP, consulting, and Telco sectors. His background in attack simulation and network security policy management enriches his marketing strategies, resonating with technical teams.

Cumhur Hatipoglu, VP of Product

Cumhur, with over a decade of experience in cyber security and IT security, serves as the VP of Product. He has held positions such as a Group Information Security Manager and roles like Security Architect and Senior Security Specialist. His expertise spans policy development, risk mitigation, cloud security, threat management, and incident response across global geographies.  But Cumhur has always had a specific focus on customer experience.


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