Phishing Awareness Testing Service


The User Phishing Awareness Testing service is designed to assess your organisation's employee awareness and response to phishing attacks. We utilise phishing delivery assessments to provide a realistic simulation of the types of attacks that your employees may encounter. Our assessment platform determines if the user clicked on the link and then provides targeted training if the user interacted with the phishing lure.


Phishing attacks continue to be one of the most significant cyber threats facing organisations today. Employees are often the first line of defence against these attacks, and it is essential that they are aware of the latest tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals to deliver phishing emails. The phishing awareness service provides a realistic simulation of the types of phishing attacks that your employees will encounter, allowing you to identify any weaknesses in your employee awareness program and respond in real time. Our service includes targeted training for employees who clicked on the link, ensuring that they are aware of the potential risks and better equipped to prevent future attacks.

  • fully customisable testing programs, ensuring they align perfectly with your organisation's specific time zones and local language requirements for optimal relevance and effectiveness."

  • assessments can be both scheduled or ad hoc, with editable phishing templates to closely mimic the real attacks your employees might face, tailored to your unique organisational needs

  • provides comprehensive testing that keeps pace with the latest tactics and techniques cybercriminals use to craft and deliver phishing emails, ensuring robust defence preparation

  • service includes detailed reports that highlight and outline any vulnerabilities within your employee awareness programs, helping you strengthen your training strategies

  • automated targeted training for employees who clicked on phishing links, educating them on potential risks and better equipping them to avoid future security mistakes

  • ensure continuous updates so your employees always have the latest information on emerging cyber threats and the best practices for defending against them

  • Assessment aligned with NIST’s Cyber security Framework, covering its five core functions – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

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