The Managed WebApp Exposure Monitoring Service is a specialised cyber security solution tailored to safeguard publicly exposed web entities, including websites, web applications, mobile applications, and APIs. By leveraging cutting edge technology and in house expertise, this service comprehensively monitors, detects, and responds to potential threats and vulnerabilities, significantly reducing the attack surface and enhancing the overall security posture of client assets.


Companies manage a broad array of publicly accessible web assets and face a daunting challenge in securing these applications from both targeted and indiscriminate cyber threats. The  diverse nature of web applications contributes to a substantial attack surface, which is vulnerable to threat actors that exploit the complexity and dynamic nature of these applications. Advanced knowledge of web attacks, development practices, and effective detection and response mechanisms are critical. The WebApp Exposure Monitoring Service provides the expertise required to navigate the complexities of web application security. It not only streamlines the detection and response process but also addresses the challenges head-on by facilitating a collaborative approach between security teams and developers. This ensures that protective measures are both relevant and effective, safeguarding critical digital assets against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and providing essential capabilities needed to protect critical web assets in an increasingly hostile cyber environment.

  • Utilisation of logs from WAFs, DMZ servers, web servers, front-end servers, PaaS app services, Sysmon, and CTI ASM services to identify threats.

  • Identification of sophisticated web attacks and vulnerabilities using state-of-the-art technologies and global threat intelligence.

  • Continuous monitoring of the web environment with real-time alerts on potential threats and breaches.

  • Expert triage of incidents with tailored response strategies to mitigate risks effectively.

  • Bridging the gap between security teams and developers to ensure comprehensive protection and informed response actions.

  • Minimises exposure to cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive data and web assets.

  • Leverages specialised knowledge in web-based security to enhance protection.

  • Streamlines the detection, triage, and response process, saving time and resources.

  • Helps maintain compliance with regulatory standards by ensuring robust web application security.

  • Protects against disruptions to business operations by preventing and mitigating web-based attacks.

  • Detailed reports on detected threats, vulnerabilities, and their potential impact.

  • Real-time notifications on security incidents, enabling quick and informed response actions.

  • Coordination between security teams and developers to implement effective mitigation strategies.

  • Monthly briefings on security trends, insights, and recommended actions to enhance web application security.

  • Regular reviews and updates to security strategies based on emerging threats and technological advancements.

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