Managed Detection and Response for Identity Protection


Our Managed Detection and Response for Identity Protection service is meticulously designed to safeguard every layer of enterprise identity. By integrating advanced detection technology with real-time response, we protect user accounts and applications from unauthorised access and potential data breaches.


Identity has become the most critical attack surface within enterprises, where robust protection against unauthorised activities is crucial to maintaining security integrity. With the reliance on user accounts and access management, effective IAM monitoring is fundamental to reducing the risk of security incidents. Expertise in discerning legitimate activity from potential threats is essential for organisations using IAM tools, ensuring that threat detection is precise, and defences are solid against a variety of threats, from credential breaches to lateral movements, Kerberoasting, and pass-the-hash attacks. Implementing real-time detection and response, along with rigorous control mechanisms for security events such as login discrepancies and unauthorised access attempts, solidifies a cyber security strategy and ensures comprehensive protection of an organisation's digital identity.

  • Real-Time Surveillance of Identity Providers Including AD, Entra ID, and Okta.

  • Advanced Detection of Suspicious Account Activities.

  • Incorporating Microsoft Defender for Identity, CrowdStrike Falcon, and Silverfort.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Lateral Movements and Credential Breaches.

  • Fortifying Sensitive Accounts to Prevent Compromise.

  • Boosting Visibility into Risky Sign-Ins and Password Attacks.

  • Enforcing Stringent Access Controls for Data Protection.

  • Addressing Excessive Login Failures and Critical Account Changes.

  • Tracking Kerberos vs NTLM Discrepancies and Domain Activities.

  • Continuous Review and Response for Tier 0 and Tier 1 Account Threats.

  • Alerting and Mitigating Reconnaissance and Tier 0 Admin Misuse.

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