Managed Detection and Response for Microsoft Defender


The Cynode Microsoft Defender Response Service is a specialised cyber security solution designed to provide comprehensive protection and rapid response capabilities across Microsoft's suite of Defender products. It focuses on fortifying endpoints, identities, servers, SaaS applications, and messaging systems against cyber threats.


As the complexity of cyber threats increases, organisations require advanced protection features that can adapt to the evolving threat landscape. Microsoft Defender's suite offers robust protection capabilities, but they must be expertly managed and fine-tuned to maximise their effectiveness. The MDR for Defender Service ensures that these tools are utilised to their fullest extent, providing a hardened security posture and significant visibility across various attack surfaces.

  • Utilisation of system logs from platforms like Entra ID, MDE, MDO, MDI, MDCA, and perimeter defence solutions.

  • Continuous monitoring of signals that indicate abnormal activities or security threats.

  • Advanced management of endpoint security and identity protection to prevent unauthorised access.

  • Specialised oversight of SaaS apps and messaging systems to safeguard against compromise.

  • Combination and correlation of Microsoft Defender's features for comprehensive threat intelligence.

  • Reinforced defence against threats targeting Windows 10/11 endpoints and Microsoft servers.

  • Strengthened security measures for identities managed through Entra ID and Active Directory.

  • Efficient and effective response to incidents, reducing time to resolution.

  • Full-spectrum visibility into the security posture, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Support for maintaining compliance with industry regulations and security best practices.

  • Immediate alerts regarding detected threats, disseminated via email, SMS, or integrated platforms.

  • Detailed incident reports including analysis, impact, and response actions.

  • Regular evaluations of the security posture with recommendations for improvements.

  • Documentation supporting adherence to security policies and regulatory standards.

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