Third Party /Supply Chain Risk Assessment


Our Third Party/Supply Chain Risk Assessment service is a comprehensive solution designed to identify, evaluate, and mitigate the risks associated with an organisation's external partners, vendors, and suppliers. This service encompasses a thorough examination of cyber security practices, compliance with regulations, operational stability, and potential brand reputation risks posed by third parties.


With the increase of interconnectivity and reliance on third-party services, the security and integrity of the supply chain are paramount. A single vulnerability in a supplier's systems can lead to significant security breaches, compliance violations, operational disruptions, and damage to the brands reputation.  

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  • In-depth analysis of third-party cyber security, compliance, operational, and reputational risks.

  • Ability to tailor risk assessment criteria to fit specific organisational needs and industry standards.

  • Continuous monitoring of the supply chain for new risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Actionable recommendations for risk mitigation, including contract adjustments, security enhancements, and vendor management strategies.

  • Protects against potential security breaches originating from third parties.

  • Ensures that third-party relationships comply with applicable laws and regulations, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

  • Identifies and mitigates supply chain vulnerabilities, ensuring business continuity.

  • Helps maintain the organisation's reputation by associating with compliant and secure third parties.

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