The Cloud Exposure Monitoring is a comprehensive security solution designed to monitor, detect, and respond to security threats across an organisation's cloud environment. This service offers real-time surveillance and active management of security operations within various cloud platforms, ensuring a robust defence against cyber threats in complex cloud infrastructures.


Cloud and virtualisation technologies advance at an incredible speed, out pacing physical hardware and conventional applications at an astounding rate, and with this rapid growth the sophistication of security challenges has escalated, demanding a more advanced approach to protection and response.

The shared and ubiquitous nature of cloud platforms, accessible to a diverse array of users including technology teams and business units across any location, presents intricate security challenges. The Cloud Exposure Monitoring Service expertly manages these issues by employing advanced detection and response capabilities, coupled with profound knowledge and tools for effective log collection, threat triage, and incident response.   Industry standard cloud compliance policies are applied, and the results assessed, and violations are monitored and responded to in real-time. This ensures that cloud environments are efficiently utilised while being securely protected, providing continuous protection. By enhancing existing cloud capabilities with rigorous monitoring, detection, and response, the service meets the complex demands of cloud security and governance, ensuring expert management of the unique challenges presented by the shared nature of cloud computing.

  • Ingestion and analysis of system logs from a range of cloud services including Azure, AWS, GCP, and more.

  • Real-time monitoring for anomalies against cloud security best practices, including unauthorised access and excessive permission usage.

  • Swift detection and response to abnormal activities on PaaS and SaaS applications.

  • Assistance in establishing and maintaining mature cloud governance practices.

  • Augmentation of cloud capabilities with monitoring of the related ecosystem and detection systems.

  • Continuous monitoring and rapid response capabilities ensure the security of cloud assets.

  • Leveraging specialised knowledge and tools alleviates the burden on internal teams, allowing for more efficient cloud usage.

  • Helps maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards for cloud governance.

  • Minimises the likelihood of security breaches and data loss in the cloud environment.

  • Understand how effectively your security controls block local and remote code exploitation.

  • Gauge if your defences are capable of blocking code injection, denial of service and brute force attacks.

  • Immediate alerts for potential threats or policy violations.

  • Detailed reports on identified threats, their potential impact, and the actions taken in response.

  • Support documentation for cloud governance frameworks and compliance with industry standards.

  • Regular reviews of the cloud security posture and strategic recommendations for ongoing improvement.

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