Private Equity Portfolio Cyber Risk Management


Identify and mitigate cybers issues that can inform transactions and affect portfolio value.

Most private equity (PE) security teams struggle with what to look for when reviewing an investment target’s security posture or the ongoing cyber risk ramifications of portfolio companies. Large volumes of alerts can simply exacerbate the problem by making it difficult to assess, qualify, prioritize, and remediate distributed cyber risks

We spoke with Sebastian Rosendahl, CEO at Cynode about the importance of Cyber Due Diligence and Portfolio Cyber Risk Management.

“At Cynode we work with PE firms to assess and review investment target´s. Our M&A Cyber Due Diligence service enables PE firms to quickly and efficiently footprint an acquisition target’s cyber posture and helps identify and mitigate cyber security issues throughout the investment process. Enabling investors to assess, qualify, and remediate cyber risks associated with a potential transaction. Essentially, we help our clients understand the nature of a deal, the risk involved and whether the deal fits with their portfolio from a Cyber Security perspective.”

Cynode recently announced they have entered into a Strategic Partnership with BlueVoyant to deliver end to end Cyber Security Services in the Nordics. Cynode will adopt BlueVoyant’s full portfolio of internal and external cyber defense capabilities and outcomes-based, cloud-native platform called BlueVoyant Elements. Including Elements Core: Managed Detection and Responses, Elements Terrain: Supply Chain Defence, and Elements Sky: Digital Risk Protection.

“We are pleased to partner up with BlueVoyant. By combining Cynode´s Assurance expertise and BlueVoyant´s Risk Operation Center (ROC) capabilities, we are now able to offer our clients Post Due Diligence services such as PE Portfolio Cyber Risk Management. Essentially providing cyber services through the full investment life cycle, by continuous monitoring with little-to-no disruption to business operations. Clear, data-driven path providing visibility, evidence, prioritization, and specific remediation action plans to manage cyber risk for PE firms and their portfolio companies”, says Sebastian Rosendahl.

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