Case study – Cynode improves cyber security capabilities of a prominent B2B

Cynode förbättrar cybersäkerhetskapaciteten hos ett framstående företag inom B2B-tjänster i Sverige

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) rely just as heavily on IT connectivity and infrastructure as larger entities do in order to operate their businesses. However, they face unique challenges in keeping their digital assets safe. Building cyber defense capabilities across the organisation and a cyber-aware workforce requires skilled personnel and specialised technologies, which demand a significantly higher budget than that of other business functions. Additionally, maintaining good cyber capabilities takes constant effort and expertise, which many SMEs lack.

After being recently appointed, the new Chief Executive Officer of a B2B services company with over 500 employees in Sweden realised that cyber security was not a top priority for the business owners and immediately set about understanding the existing security posture. The CEO and CFO also recognised that a comprehensive improvement plan was necessary to minimise potential risks. Their organisation did not have the required skill set and hiring a team of cyber security experts with experience is both hard to come by and costly.

To overcome these challenges and establish a solid cyber security posture quickly, this SME appointed Cynode for maturity assessment and vCISO services. To read the case study and learn about how this SME got on track to having a solid cyber defense baseline and capabilities.

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