Welcome Konrad Falk as Our New Senior Cyber Advisor & Architect!

Date: March '24
Author: Pablo Ridgeway, CMO

Konrad brings a wealth of experience from the Cyber Security and IT Security industry, boasting a comprehensive background in all aspects of Information Technology, including programming, networking, and cyber security. His passion for securing companies, educating others about security, and driving customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Konrad values the trust placed in him by our Managing Director and Group COO and is keen to contribute to our mission with his fervent passion for security. He is particularly eager to tackle the challenges of this role, especially those that extend beyond his advisory capabilities. Konrad thrives on being hands-on in managing security incidents, leveraging his extensive experience to navigate today’s evolving threats.

Konrad’s decision to join our company was significantly influenced by the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed security professionals he knows and trusts. This speaks volumes about the importance of our team’s expertise and camaraderie. With a broad knowledge base that spans from programming to an in-depth understanding of low-level networking protocols, firewalls, and IPS, Konrad’s adaptability and comprehensive expertise in coding, security operations, and reverse engineering make him an invaluable asset to our organisation. More importantly, our customers stand to benefit immensely from his skills and experience.

Konrad embodies a proactive work ethic, preferring to give and receive real-time feedback to swiftly address concerns or improvements. His personal values and work ethic are set to significantly enhance our company culture. His approachability and emphasis on trust in security consultancy are bound to strengthen our team dynamics and client relationships.

Konrad is fully prepared to represent our company’s values and mission, both internally and externally, with the agility and responsiveness of a ”speedboat” in the cyber security market. He seeks minimal micromanagement, relying instead on professionalism, autonomy, and the right tools to achieve success.

His innovative approach involves adopting a ”helicopter view” of security, allowing him to connect various elements for a comprehensive strategy or to solve complex problems. Konrad’s past experiences have sharpened his ability to unite teams towards common goals, emphasising the value of collective effort over individual expenditure.

Konrad aspires to continue his role as a security officer and advisor, finding great personal satisfaction in a role that he enjoys. This high level of job satisfaction enables him to stay focused on the complex task of keeping abreast of how companies, threat actors, and attacks evolve in the modern threat landscape.

Please join us in giving Konrad Falk a warm welcome to our company. We eagerly anticipate the expertise, innovation, and leadership he will bring to our team.



Cynode is a specialised cyber security services provider operating in the Nordics and the UK, working with medium to large size organisations. Cynode offers services that make immediate impact on clients existing security posture and build organisational capabilities to minimise cyber risk in the long term, with affordable subscription models.

Cynode has fully implemented an adaptive cyber security framework where all services either include or support proactive prevention capabilities so that Cynode clients deal with cyber-attacks early on rather than late where cyber criminals gain network access.


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