“Trust me, I was an engineer” - Björn Nilsson

Date: May '24
Author: Pablo Ridgeway, CMO

Björn Nilsson’s addition to our team as the Head of Security Operations Sweden at Cynode marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing our cyber security capabilities. With a rich background that spans various critical roles within the cyber security and IT infrastructure sectors, Björn’s expertise is not just limited to his professional endeavours.

Björn’s professional journey is distinguished by his excellence in pre-sales, where he has received considerable praise for his dedication to tasks and an innate ability to understand client needs and requirements. His problem-solving prowess, particularly in highly technical domains, is noteworthy. Björn possesses an extensive knowledge of firewall, endpoint, and encryption solutions, making him an incredibly valuable asset in addressing complex cyber security challenges.

Drawn to Cynode by our commitment, size, and the agile, team-spirited environment we foster, Björn sees a perfect alignment with his professional ethos and our company culture. His ability to adapt to different cultures and work environments, gained through working in numerous geographies, positions him as an invaluable asset in aligning our global delivery functions and enhancing cross-functional team dynamics.

In the initial three months, Björn aims to align global delivery functions, eagerly tackling the challenges of his new global role. His ”Jack of All Trades” attitude, valuing both teamwork and individual contribution, is a testament to his versatile skill set.

Björn’s past experiences, where he played a pivotal role in uniting teams towards common goals, have prepared him well for the challenges ahead at Cynode.

Björn’s approach to work is both collaborative and independent. He values the freedom to work in isolation but finds great reward in contributing to a team’s success. Preferring to address and implement feedback in real-time, Björn’s method of receiving feedback underscores his proactive and dynamic work style.

Looking forward, Björn is excited about contributing to and learning from the global organisation. He hopes to leverage his broad experience—from programming to security architecture—to influence Cynode’s standards and processes positively. His aspiration within Cynode is to continue making significant contributions as the Head of Security Operations Sweden, but not forget his roots of engineer, security officer and security advisor; leveraging his extensive background to enhance our security platforms, team dynamics and customer satisfaction.

Beyond his significant contributions as a SOC Security Engineer, Presale Security, and Senior Cyber Security Architect, Björn’s passion extends into his personal life, particularly in his dedication to motorcycle safety and education.Top of Form

A fervent advocate for motorcycle safety, Björn volunteers as an Advanced Instructor, dedicating his free time to educating motorcycle riders on tracks. His commitment to building experience and survival skills for both road and track day enthusiasts is commendable. As a Pit Chief and Flag resource, Björn plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and smooth operation of track events. His administrative assistance further underscores his all-rounded contribution to the motorcycle community. This hobby not only highlights Björn’s leadership and organisational skills but also his deep commitment to safety and education, traits that he brings into his professional life.

We are excited to welcome Björn Nilsson to our team. His blend of professional expertise and personal passion for safety and education enriches our company culture, promising a future of innovative solutions and enhanced security measures at Cynode.



Cynode is a specialised cyber security services provider operating in the Nordics and the UK, working with medium to large size organisations. Cynode offers services that make immediate impact on clients existing security posture and build organisational capabilities to minimise cyber risk in the long term, with affordable subscription models.

Cynode has fully implemented an adaptive cyber security framework where all services either include or support proactive prevention capabilities so that Cynode clients deal with cyber-attacks early on rather than late where cyber criminals gain network access.


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