Cumhur's New Starter Interview

Date: May '24
Author: Pablo Ridgeway, CMO

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Cynode, I'm continually impressed by our team's outstanding performance, both in customer interactions and behind the scenes, ensuring that we deliver cutting-edge solutions. The addition of Cumhur Hatipoglu as VP of Product exemplifies the remarkable impact a single individual can have in enhancing our customer experience and driving innovation. I recently sat down with Cumhur to delve into his vision, aiming to share his insightful perspectives with our team, customers, and followers. Here are my notes:

At Cynode, the arrival of Cumhur Hatipoglu as our new Vice President of Products, marks a transformative chapter in our journey to redefine cyber security and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Drawing on a robust background spanning technical and strategic roles, he has launched into developing a service model that goes beyond conventional frameworks to offer genuinely bespoke solutions aligned with our clients' unique needs.

In a previous role with a large global enterprise, Cumhur spearheaded the implementation of centralised security management across multiple continents and diverse business units, aligning disparate policies under a unified security strategy. This experience has imbued him with a nuanced understanding of global security challenges and the intricacies of managing complex policy environments.

From his first day, the Cumhur has focused on leveraging Cynode's foundational strengths, such as our deep understanding of global frameworks like NIST, to ensure our services are designed with precision from the outset. His strategic approach avoids the pitfalls of retrofitting solutions to established practices, instead favouring a ground-up methodology that embeds best practices into the very fabric of our service delivery.

Cumhur’s vision extends beyond merely providing services; he aims to transform Cynode into an integral component of our clients’ security strategies. This change involves transitioning from traditional transactional relationships to becoming a trusted extension of their security teams. He is driving initiatives that make our interactions with clients more impactful moving away from generating "meaningless reports" to delivering actionable insights that offer tangible value.

One of Cumhur’s primary goals is for clients to see their challenges and the solutions reflected in our products, fostering a deeper connection with the services we offer. This customer centric approach ensures that our solutions are not only tailored to address specific security concerns but are also adaptable to evolving threats and more importantly the customers business requirements.

To stay connected with both strategic and operational shifts in the cyber security landscape, he places immense value on continuous feedback from our clients. This feedback loop is vital for refining our service delivery and ensuring our solutions consistently meet the practical needs of the businesses we protect. Cumhur’s communication governance model supports this by facilitating regular interactions across various communication channels, ensuring that we remain aligned with our clients’ expectations and security postures.

The speed at which cyber threats evolve, increases the need for responsive, and adaptable cyber security strategies. Under Cumhur's guidance, Cynode is poised not only to respond to these changes but to anticipate and pre-empt future security challenges. Our commitment to understanding and integrating client feedback into technology adoption process, sets us apart in a crowded marketplace.

Looking forward, he is keen on harnessing cutting-edge technologies to enhance our cyber security offerings. The adoption of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence is not just about staying current with trends but is focused on addressing the nuanced needs of our clients, enhancing our responsiveness, and scaling our solutions in alignment with their growth.

Cumhur and the rest of the Cynode team invite you to join us on our journey as we create, develop, and innovate in the cyber security space.


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