The Younger Generation Takes the Helm in Cyber Security: Meet our rising star Davin Ribini


We asked our partner LeapGrid to interview Davin Ribini, a 23-year-old trainee and student of cyber security, who recently joined Cynode.

Intro to Davin

Davin’s journey into the realm of cyber security began in an unexpected place: his own living room. When his father installed a camera in the living room, to monitor the front door and to secure their home, Davin felt it was intrusive. Instead of merely complaining, he took matters into his own hands. He learned to hack the camera, not to misuse its capabilities, but to understand its vulnerabilities. This incident not only showcased his knack for problem-solving but also marked the beginning of his aspiration to become a White hat hacker.

His passion for technology, combined with a sense of urgency stemming from increasing cyber security risks, defines his career path. The new generation, of which Davin is a part, often seeks careers that resonate with their personal values. For Davin, this means standing up for the right causes, defending data, and helping companies, public organisations, and even entire countries bolster their security.

Cynode: Fostering the Future

Cynode, a renowned Cyber Advisory and Assurance firm, recognises the immense potential in young talents like Davin. Cynode is not just another large corporation with huge recruitment budgets and a massive workforce. Cynode runs a tight ship of experienced cyber security consultants and the senior leaders of Cynode understand that the future of Cynode is dependent on the quality of the workforce. The most effective way to get the best staff is to develop and foster them internally.  This ethos is what attracted Davin to Cynode. On Davin’s second day, his keen eye for detail led him to discover an open port on a new customers website, just using open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques, showcasing that at Cynode, real-life experiences come fast.

But what truly sets Cynode apart is its vision and the role models within its ranks. The company’s commitment to investing in fresh cyber security talent and nurturing them into seasoned professionals is evident. Davin felt an immediate connection with the team, valuing the hands-on approach and the opportunity to be exposed to real-world scenarios early in his career.

Davin’s approach to cyber security is holistic. Drawing inspiration from his high level of basketball experience, he believes in the importance of both offense and defense. Just as a coach would emphasise that a good offensive side is crucial, it’s the defensive side that often wins games. This philosophy translates seamlessly into the world of cyber security, where understanding both the attacker’s and defender’s mindset is paramount. Davin’s adaptability and desire to be informed about every facet of the field makes him a perfect fit for Cynode’s vision.

Ambition blended with solid principles

Davin’s ambitions are deeply personal. As the son of migrants, he carries with him the desire to prove his success not just to himself, but to his family. He wants to contribute positively to society, be sustainable, and give back to those who have supported him. His long-term plan reflects this drive. While he aims to be an integral part of Cynode’s future, he also envisions creating automated processes and adding new capabilities to the cyber security landscape.

His statement, ”I want to be a tech-god,” might sound audacious to some, but it encapsulates his desire to master both Infosec and Cybersec, to be at the pinnacle of his field. With the support of Cynode, Davin is well on his way to not only achieving his professional goals but also making a significant impact on the world of cyber security.

Davin’s first month at Cynode has been nothing short of transformative. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when fresh talent meets a company ready to invest in the future.

About Cynode

Cynode is a Cyber Security initiative launched in September 2022 by Nordic LEVEL Group to further strengthen its advisory services offering and meet the strong demand from the Group’s customers. The initiative is positioned as the preferred Cyber Security partner for Nordic SMBs and Enterprises. The business focuses on minimizing organizations’ exposure to cyber threats and strengthening their Cyber Security posture with Advisory Assurance services.


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