The Risk of Doing it Yourself


An increasing reliance on third parties to perform a variety of operational business functions has generated a growing demand for business leaders to understand the external risks and security postures of every vendor they engage for business. A majority of critical and non-critical vendors have direct access to sensitive data. Cybersecurity is no longer limited to monitoring internal security posture.

In collaboration with BlueVoyant, we have created a white paper to help risk management leaders weigh the cost and benefit ratio of building, staffing, and managing their own third-party risk management program, or partnering with a managed risk service provider.

In the attached whitepaper, we uncover the four elements to consider before making the choice to do it yourself or outsource:

  • Time to value: Is there an immediate need? How soon can you be monitoring vendors?
  • Knowledge and expertise: Do you possess the resources and expertise to triage? How will you retain the talent in-house?
  • Service execution: Do you have the resources and systems in place to onboard, assess, and continuously monitor?
  • Scalability: Can you protect and grow along with your business needs?

Interested in a fully-managed solution that rapidly identifies and resolves critical cybersecurity issues in your supply chain ecosystem?

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