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We are thrilled to welcome Konrad Falk to our team as a Senior Cyber Advisor & Architect

Konrad brings a wealth of experience from the Cyber Security and IT Security industry, boasting a comprehensive background in all aspects of Information Technology, including programming, networking, and cyber security. His passion for securing companies, educating others about security, and driving customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Konrad values the trust placed in him by our Managing […]

“Trust me, I was an engineer” – Björn Nilsson

Björn Nilsson’s addition to our team as the Head of Security Operations Sweden at Cynode marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing our cyber security capabilities. With a rich background that spans various critical roles within the cyber security and IT infrastructure sectors, Björn’s expertise is not just limited to his professional endeavours. […]

Step by step to a holistic perspective of the defence ecosystem

Hugo Hedén, Senior Cyber Associate at Cynode. Early Life: Hugo’s formative years were significantly influenced by the family’s frequent moves both within Sweden and abroad due to his father’s role as an Officer in the military. This familial influence naturally led Hugo to undertake conscription service in the Swedish Army, followed by three years at […]

From Elite level runner to Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist

In the vast realm of cyber security, there are few people who stand out not just for their technical expertise, but for their passion and vision. Gustav is one such individual, a native of Sweden, who has been making waves in the cyber security sector for around four years. Background and Experience Gustav’s academic journey […]

A Journey from Sweden to Silicon Valley and back with René Majcen

For this week’s blog, we interviewed René Majcen, a cyber security veteran with an impressive track record spanning over 30 years, who recently joined Cynode. Interviewing René was truly insightful. René brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He not only delves into the past to give us the context but also […]